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Canyon PD addresses rumors of possible human trafficking scheme

The Canyon Police Department released the following statement concerning rumors of a possible human trafficking scheme in the area:

"Yesterday, we had several reports in the Canyon/Amarillo area of people being approached by subjects asking them to attend a bible study. Rumors quickly spread that this was a possible sex trafficking scheme.

"Last night, Canyon Officers were able to identify two of the subjects who were part of this group. After further investigation it was found that they are part of a religious group trying to recruit new members and spread their message.

"As of right now there hasn't been any reports of sex trafficking incidents taking place. Only reports of people approaching them in a unorthodox way."

The Canyon PD also offered a few safety tips:

1. Do Not give out your personal information such as phone number, address, date of birth etc..

2. Remember to never invite anyone into your home that you do not know. If they are being pushy and persistent call 911 immediately.

3. Do Not go to a house or location to meet anyone without letting someone you trust know where you will be at and more info about the meeting.

4. Never get into a car with someone you do not know.

5. If you ever feel uncomfortable with someone approaching you in the store. Walk away and find a crowd of people or find a manager.

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