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Amarillo Mayor Ginger Nelson diagnosed with a form of blood cancer

On Thursday, Amarillo Mayor Ginger Nelson announced she has been diagnosed with a form of blood cancer. The diagnosis was made during a routine blood examination.

"During a recent and routine blood examination, doctors discovered an anomaly that has since been diagnosed as a form of blood cancer. My prognosis is good but I will require treatment," Nelson said.

Nelson confirmed that she will continue to serve as Mayor, but will take some time off while under going treatment.

"While I fully intend to continue my service as Mayor, I will be taking some time in the coming days to continue my medical care. I have informed the City Council and City Manager and have great confidence that they will continue to lead our city during any brief absences related to my care," Nelson said.

Nelson asked for prayers and understanding as she faces her battle with cancer.

"We are in the very early stages of the diagnosis, and I appreciate your understanding and your prayers as we continue to get answers. I am blessed by my Faith in God, my family, and the thousands of friends I have made throughout this city.

"Amarillo is a wonderful city and I am honored by the trust you have given me as your Mayor," Nelson said.

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