AISD provides Family Support Services with temporary home

On Friday, the Amarillo ISD school board voted to provide Family Support Services with temporary office space while the organization recovers from the loss of its downtown location to a fire this past Sunday.

"At 4 pm today the Amarillo ISD School Board voted to allow FSS to house long-term at a building they own next to their administration building as we determine where we will permanently house.

"This means that our counseling services, education and prevention services, crisis services, and administration services will all be back under one roof! More information will follow as this develops!

"There is no way we can truly express the gratitude we feel for Supt. Loomis and the Amarillo ISD Board and Leadership who made this possible!" Family Support Services said in a statement.

AISD will allow Family Support Services to use the Park West Office Complex Building B. The organization will have use of the office for six months, at which time AISD will re-evaluate the situation with FSS if the organization needs the space for a longer term.

“They take care of our kids. They take care of the counseling and the needs they have.

In conversations with Mr. Ford and several others of the board members, it just seemed to be one of those things that maybe we ought to find a public purpose to allow them to use the building. It’s the right thing to do.

"We are in Amarillo and we are neighbors. We are one community and we are going to support one another. This was the least we can do to get them back on their feet," said AISD superintendent Doug Loomis.

CEO of Family Support Services, Jim Womick thanked the AISD and community for the outpouring of support as the organization moves forward from the fire.

“As I’ve said before, it was a tragedy on Sunday and since that time there has been such an outpouring of support from the community. From people we didn’t know they knew who we were and we didn’t know that this many people liked us or understood what we did,” Womick said.