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San Jacinto Neighborhood Plan meeting set for Thursday

The fourth San Jacinto Neighborhood Plan public meeting is scheduled for Thursday (Nov. 7) from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at San Jacinto Elementary School, located at the corner of S.W. Fifth Ave. and South Carolina Street.

The City of Amarillo, in partnership with Potter County, is developing a plan for the San Jacinto
neighborhood. This is the third neighborhood plan resulting from the partnership. The plans are designed to build organizational capacity, form consensus for goals and strategies among stakeholders and provide a roadmap for future public and private reinvestment.

The project kicked off with a public meeting in March. Input gathered from additional public meetings, surveys and focus groups has helped the neighborhood advisory committee draft a vision statement, areas of focus and goals and strategies. This meeting, entitled Options and Alternatives, will focus on plan priorities.

Attendees will hear the committee’s recommendations for high priority projects to be implemented within the first year as well, as longer term “transformative” initiatives.

Cassie Wright from Urban Milestones will facilitate the meeting. Small group activities to gather feedback and insight on the priorities are planned. Members of the citizen advisory committee will also be in attendance and assist with the small group activities. Community particpation will be vital in determining the priority list of projects.

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