Mac Thornberry not happy about candidates living outside the 13th Congressional District

On Tuesday, congressman Mac Thornberry addressed the situation involving candidates eunning for the 13th congressional seat who do not actually live in the district. Thorberry's remarks were directed at Dallas businessman Chris Ekstrom and potential candidate Navy Rear Admiral, Ronny Jackson.

“When I announced that I would not seek reelection to Congress, I expected that there would be a number of candidates in the race.  I did not expect, however, that there would be candidates for the 13th District who do not live in the District, did not grow up in the District, or have any meaningful ties to the people they wish to represent.

“Whether these outside candidates are from the DFW Metroplex or the Lubbock region or elsewhere, I appreciate their desire to serve but believe they should run in their own districts.  Even if they buy or rent property in the District at the last minute, they cannot know or properly represent the people of the 13th District in my view.

“While the law does not require a candidate for Congress to live in the district, common sense does.  To be a true representative, our next Member of Congress should understand agriculture, energy, local contributions to national security, and have a deep understanding of us and our way of life.

“There are a number of good candidates who have a long history within the 13th District for the voters to consider.  Voters deserve to know how well each candidate truly knows us and how they intend to represent the people who hire them," Thornberry said.