Democrats receive Texas GOP's 2020 election strategy via email

Dems vs GOP
A document outlining the Texas Republican Party's 2020 electoral strategy was emailed to state Democrats on Monday, according to The Dallas Morning News.

The document identifies 12 statehouse districts the Texas GOP plans to target in 2020 as well as plans to center candidates who can push back on a "narrative driven by Democrats" about the GOP’s lack of diversity.

“Starting after the Primary, the RPT will generate microsites for negative hits against the Democrat candidates in our twelve target race—we expect each microsite to be roughly $500,” the document reads. “We will then begin rolling out these websites, prioritizing the races that were within 4% in the 2018 election.”

Democrats in the state, after narrowing the Republicans’ majority in the state house to 83-67, are aiming to build on the 12 seats they gained in 2018, according to the newspaper.

“Republicans have already fumbled the ball and we aren’t even in 2020 yet," Manny Garcia, executive director of the Texas Democratic Party, said in a statement. “They know they’re in deep trouble ‘given the polarizing nature of the President’ and expect ‘Republicans will refuse to turnout during the General Election because they don’t want to vote for him.’”

“The Texas Republican Party is desperate,” he added. “That’s why they’re going negative, building a fake diversity video, and are regretting their decision to eliminate straight-ticket voting.”

High Plains Pundit has reached out to the Republican Party of Texas for comment.

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