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George P. Bush planning run for Texas lieutenant governor?

A source told me that George P. Bush, currently the state’s land commissioner, already is running a quiet campaign for lieutenant governor. His people would not exactly confirm that, but what they did say was, in a sense, more interesting: Who says it’s lieutenant governor?

“While he wouldn’t challenge current Governor Abbott or Lieutenant Governor Patrick, if an opening presents itself he would absolutely consider serving Texans in a higher role. When that moment arises, he’s ready,” said adviser J. R. Hernandez.

George P. Bush is the son of the former Florida governor and the nephew of the former Texas governor and president. He was born in Houston and is a graduate of Rice University and the University of Texas School of Law.

“Over the last few months,” Hernandez says, “several activists and donors have asked Commissioner Bush to consider higher office in Texas. At this time he is 100 percent focused on doing his job as land commissioner.”

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick has repeatedly denied rumors that he is joining the Trump administration. Lately, he has been crossways with the National Rifle Association over expanding background checks. Presumably, he’s 100 percent focused on doing his job as lieutenant governor.

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