Final crewman pulled alive from capsized ship

The Coast Guard said Monday afternoon it has rescued the last of the crew members trapped after a cargo ship capsized off the Georgia coast.

After initially rescuing three South Korean crew members from a space in the overturned ship’s hull, Coast Guard responders were able to rescue the final member from behind glass in the engineering room, according to Capt. John Reed.

Responders delayed rescue attempts Sunday, citing a fire aboard the ship as well as the risk that some of the Golden Ray’s cargo of 4,000 automobiles might break loose. After the fire was extinguished, the ship continued listing at about 90 degrees. Rescuers were also concerned about a potential language barrier. The ship’s chief engineer was later able to serve as a translator, according to CBS.

While the crew members spent more than 30 hours trapped, they were in good condition after the rescue, Reed said during a Monday press conference. "They were subject to some pretty tough conditions over the last day and a half," he said.

With the fourth crew member rescued, the Coast Guard tweeted that it will now prioritize removing the ship from the water while avoid major environmental disruptions.

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