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Feds raid North Lubbock home in connection to Odessa mass shooting

Authorities in Texas have identified a person suspected of illegally manufacturing a rifle and selling it to the man who allegedly killed seven people and wounded more than 20 others in West Texas last Saturday, a report said.

Federal agents executed a search warrant at a man’s house in North Lubbock who law enforcement believe is the seller of the firearm used in the Odessa shooting. An FBI spokesperson said "the FBI was one of multiple law enforcement agencies conducting lawful activity at a residence in Lubbock. ATF is still the lead on this one.”

The man's identity was not released by law enforcement officials.

Investigators believe the suspect sold gunman Seth Ator the rifle in a private sale that allowed him to purchase the weapon without undergoing a background check, according to the report.

Authorities believe the man was illegally buying parts to guns, assembling a single firearm and then reselling it, the Journal reported.

Ator, 36, shot 29 people at random as he drove near Odessa, Texas, in the west side of the state near the border with New Mexico.

Police shot and killed Ator after they cornered him near a movie theater.

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