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Perryton ISD and Ochiltree General Hospital partner to open day care center

Ranger Roundup
The Ranger Roundup Learning Center, a joint project of Perryton ISD and Ochiltree General Hospital, will open its doors on a limited basis on Monday, August 19, 2019, the first day of school.  At this time, students will be limited to children of PISD employees who have already pre-registered. 

Licensing restrictions limit the number of students based on staff size.  Ranger Roundup is still hiring and training staff.  Parents interested in completing an application to go on the waiting list can do so by emailing

The facility, in the fully renovated location within First Christian Church, will fill a need in the community created when The Beehive closed almost a year ago.  Since that time, The Perryton ISD Board and administration has worked hard to get the licensing, and staffing.  Meanwhile, members of First Christian Church committed to a full renovation of the former previous day care location.

Ochiltree General Hospital came on board as well and children of OGH employees will also have priority for spots at the Ranger Roundup.

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