City of Plainview upgrading animal shelter

Plainview Animal Shelter
The City of Plainview discussed improvements to the Plainview Animal Shelter located at 500 SW Third Street during the most recent budget workshop.

The initial improvements to the facility started several weeks ago with the replacement of the lighting throughout the Shelter. Other improvements include upgrades to the air ventilation system, improvements to facility restrooms, resealing of floors and updates to the dog run areas which will include new fencing and sidewalks (yellow lines on rendering).

One of the biggest improvements discussed for the upcoming fiscal year will be the expansion of the facility to create an Adoption Center. Located on the east side of the building (blue lines on rendering), the expansion will allow space for an office, vet evaluation area as well as a new play/socialization area for individuals seeking to adopt a new pet.

In addition to the shelter upgrades, Plainview is working with employees to provide additional training opportunities as well as updating policies and procedures for Animal Services. These updates incorporate best practices from the National Animal Care and Control Association and this review has included conversations and assistance with several animal groups.

The last item discussed in the budget workshop included the roll out of a new spay and neuter program in an effort to help control the pet population in Plainview.