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City of Lubbock warns of false claims in door-to-door sales of solar panels

City of Lubbock
The City of Lubbock has been made aware of several companies in the community selling solar panels, some door-to-door, to homeowners. Some of these companies have falsely claimed to be in partnership with and/or endorsed by the City of Lubbock. The City is in no way affiliated with any solar panel company.

Additionally, if a company is selling door-to-door, individuals representing the company should have a peddler’s permit issued by Police Records. Residents can ask to see proof of this permit, and can contact Police Records at 806.775.2809.

If citizens are interested in solar panels, they will need to first complete an interconnection agreement with Lubbock Power & Light. More details can be found on their Frequently Asked Questions at http://lpandl.com/pluggedin/about-solar-energy-systems/. After the agreement process is complete, citizens need to reach out to the Building Safety Department to acquire an Electrical Permit, before installation.

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