Two people arrested on drug and theft charges

On Monday, Amarillo police officers saw a possible stolen vehicle and copper wire in the 3600 block of Neuches in the back of a vehicle.

Officers decided to stop and talk to someone about the wire in the back of the truck. The truck was not currently reported as stolen but showed signs that it could have been.

The copper wiring in the truck was stolen from a local business.

The home owner gave PABTU and DPS permission to search the residence. During the search officers located 4 guns, copper wire, and property from numerous auto burglaries and thefts in Amarillo along with over five grams of meth.

Jason Michael Sisneros, a 17 year old male, was arrested for the drug charges and booked into Potter County Jail. Christopher Shelby Carr, a 26 year old male, was arrested for Capias warrants and was taken to Municipal Court.

The investigation is ongoing.