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Lubbock child suffers serious injures after accidental shooting

Tuesday night, an 11-year-old Lubbock child suffered serious injuries after an accidental shooting in the 1500 block of 33rd Street.

When Lubbock police officers arrived on scene found the victim laying on the couch with what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the central abdomen area. Investigators said another 8-year-old child believed the handgun was a toy and did not mean to shoot the 11-year-old.victim.

Investigators said the 8-year-old told them the handgun was in front of the house. However, officers have not been able to locate the weapon.

The 11-year-old was taken by EMS to the hospital with serious injuries. Police said the child is currently in stable condition.

Investigators stated in the police report that the weapon was in a location that adult residents in the home  “should have known that a child could gain access.”

The incident remains under investigation by the Lubbock Police Department Crimes Against Children Unit.

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