Financial gift from builder to fund widening of University Avenue in far South Lubbock

Betenbough Homes
Betenbough Homes, a local developer, Lubbock County, and the City of Lubbock are partnering to widen University Avenue from the future location of Loop 88 to 146th Street. In addition to Proposition A that was recently passed, this project will aid in supporting the rapid growth that South Lubbock is experiencing.

Businesses, restaurants and schools are finding a great amount of success in South Lubbock and interest continues to build. Betenbough Homes has constructed more than 350 homes in Bell Farms since 2017 and has become the fastest growing community in Lubbock. South Lubbock is also home to Lubbock-Cooper ISD, the second fastest growing school district in the state of Texas. To maintain safety for those traveling in this desired area, the widening of University Avenue is set to begin July 15.

“We are incredibly excited for what this project means for our Bell Farms homeowners and all families in South Lubbock and Lubbock-Cooper ISD,” said Dustin Eggleston, director of land strategy for Betenbough Homes. “While this project will allow for the growth of South Lubbock, our priority is to create a safe route for those traveling daily on University Avenue.”

According to the City of Lubbock, the local contractor, West Texas Paving, was given a 90-day calendar contract to complete the widening of University Avenue. City staff is working with the contractor to minimize any impact to traffic patterns associated with Lubbock-Cooper ISD.

“We thank the City of Lubbock for seeing the need of this project and for allowing us to contribute to the growth of our city,” stated Eggleston. “The benefit of this project will be seen now and in the years to come.”

Public notices regarding the construction of this project will be issued by the City of Lubbock prior to the start of construction and prior to any road closures.