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Artist chosen for 10th Avenue underpass mural project

Jose “Joey” Martinez
Jose “Joey” Martinez has been selected to create a mural at the S.E. 10th Avenue underpass. Martinez was chosen by the Barrio Neighborhood Planning Committee.

S.E. 10th Ave. is one of the main identified corridors in the Barrio Neighborhood Plan, and is connected to Center City.

The goal of the project is to showcase a welcome to the Barrio that celebrates the culture and architectural history of the Barrio, while also connecting and showcasing the Barrio as an entry point to Center City.

The dimensions of the mural are approximately 170 feet (length) and 10 feet (height) on the north side. On the south side, the dimensions are approximately 190 feet (length) and 10 feet (height) on the south side - or approximately 3,600 square feet total.

The mural will have designs along the south side that showcases the Barrio, and a design on the north side that showcases the Center City District.

“The Barrio neighborhood is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Amarillo, which connects to Center City. The Barrio Neighborhood Planning Committee is excited to see important architectural historical sites included in both of these beautiful murals for people to enjoy,” said Teresa Kenedy, president of the Barrio Neighborhood Planning Committee. “Special thanks to the artist, Joey Martinez, for designing and painting these murals.”

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