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Amarillo teen robbed at gun point in parking lot

Late Sunday afternoon, Amarillo police officers were dispatched to a parking lot in the 6000 block of SW 48th Avenue on the report of a personal robbery.

Investigators said a 17 year old male had made a deal to sell a cell phone on an online classified ads website. The suspects pulled up with money in hand, but never got out of the vehicle. The victim walked over to the suspects and they asked to see the phone.

When the victim handed the phone to the suspect, the suspect displayed a gun and then drove away. There were no injuries from the incident. The suspects are described as three black males in a 4 door maroon car.

The victim of the incident did the right thing by meeting the buyer in a public parking lot during the daytime, but this is a great example of how there is no 100% way to make sure things will go as you planned.

When selling or buying anything online, try to get a phone number and name of the person that you are doing business with to finalize details by call or text. Pick a public place to meet, the Amarillo Police Department is a great one, you can meet in the front lobby.

Only bring the item that you agreed to sell and the amount of cash that you agreed on. Lastly, always trust your instincts, if something doesn't feel right it probably isn't.

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