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Amarillo man dies after being hit by two cars on Amarillo Blvd

Late Sunday night, Amarillo police officers were attempting to make a field stop on a subject they had just seen walk through traffic causing a traffic problem.

Officers observed David Soto, 66 of Amarillo, walking westbound on Amarillo Boulevard crossing north Grand Street. Soto entered the intersection when unsafe causing traffic to have to hit their brakes.

Some of the vehicles honked at Soto. Soto continued to walk westbound on the side walk.

Officers attempted to stop and check the welfare of this pedestrian. As they were contacting him he started to walk backwards, northbound, into Amarillo Blvd. Officers told him several times to get out of the road or he was going to get struck.

Soto continued walking into traffic. He walked in front of an eastbound 2003 Chevy truck driven by a 24 year old male.

Soto was then run over by a Hyundai 4 door sedan driven by a 27 year old male, also going eastbound. He died at the scene as a result of the injuries he received.

Justice of the Peace Robert Taylor has ordered an autopsy. The incident is being investigated by the Traffic Investigation Squad of the Amarillo Police Department.

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