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Texas Tech Board of Regents approve design plans for vet school

The Texas Tech School of Veterinary Medicine continues to flourish as the Tech System Board of Regents approved Design Professional Stage 2 services for the school’s facilities today.

During a special-called teleconference meeting, which took place at 12:30 p.m. on June 25 at 1508 Knoxville Ave. in the System Administration Building, the Board approved these services, which includes a project schedule, design development, a Statement of Probable Cost, construction documents and Construction Administration Phases.

In addition to the authorization of these services, the Board approved expenditures for the two SVM sites, which include the School of Veterinary Medicine Amarillo Campus and the School of Veterinary Medicine Mariposa Station. The Board also approved these two names for the sites.

Billy Breedlove, System vice chancellor for Facilities Planning and Construction, said the Mariposa Station site is located about 2.5 miles from the Amarillo campus.

"This is what serves large animal needs for the facility," Breedlove said regarding the Mariposa site.

Regarding funding for the project, $8,421,682 of total expenditures, which will be funded with the Revenue Finance System, and a total budget of $89,820,000 were approved.

System Chancellor and President of the Tech Health Sciences Center Tedd L. Mitchell said in addition to the support from Amarillo's $69 million in funding, another gift from a family in Amarillo is also expected.

"Some of the fundraising expectations that we have were waiting until we got the funding from the state of Texas," he said. "We've actually just now restarted fundraising."

In addition to efforts in funding the SVM, one may consider who the school will serve in West Texas.

About 240 Doctor of Veterinary Medicine students, about 150 to 200 non-DVM graduate students and about 90 faculty and staff members are expected to utilize the vet school's services, Breedlove said.

With the approval of these items, one may also acknowledge the SVM's establishment and the work it took to come to this point in time.

Christopher Huckabee, Board of Regents chairman, said even though the SVM items were approved quicker than expected, one should take a moment to realize the impact of this meeting.

"This is a historic moment for Texas Tech University," Huckabee said. "We owe thanks to a lot of people who've helped and a lot of people who will continue to be generous in helping us see that through."

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