Former Texas House Speaker Joe Straus launches PAC

With an initial investment of $2.5 million, former Texas House Speaker Joe Straus is launching a new PAC called Texas Forever Forward with a goal of promoting “a thoughtful, conservative approach to governing and rising political leaders ready to ensure a bright future for all Texans.”

“We are launching this effort because I believe Texas needs leaders who are forward-looking and dedicated to bringing creative, problem-solving ideas to the new challenges our state faces as our population rapidly grows.

“It’s time to unite Texas in civic participation and ensure our next decades are the very best in our long, proud history,” Straus said.

Former Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson is the group’s treasurer. Straus, naturally, is the Chairman.

“I am looking forward to staying engaged with Texans about how we make the state even more economically competitive,” Straus said. “We will focus on the priorities that are most needed to accomplish big things for Texas.”

Some of those priorities include the idea that “public education is our greatest economic development tool, and it’s critical to make meaningful, sustainable investments in Texas students” and “In order to remain a pro-business state that attracts economic activity and talented workers, Texas should embrace diversity and promote inclusive, non-discriminatory policies and laws.”

Also important, the new group said, are “strategic investments in our infrastructure – in a modern transportation system and a reliable water supply – provide the foundation that a fast-growing state requires” as well as “effective treatment of behavioral health challenges.”

This is the political action committee’s purpose statement:

“Texas Forever Forward believes to achieve its highest potential, Texas needs policies that promote limited government and free enterprise, that educate and attract innovative minds, and that create a welcoming climate for economic growth and prosperity. We will support elected officials, candidates, emerging leaders and ideas that are focused on Texas’ challenges. We will promote a message that is optimistic, inclusive, entrepreneurial and future-focused, and advance a shared vision to create the greatest possible opportunity for future generations of Texans.”

Texans for Joe Straus, the San Antonio Republican’s primary PAC, is contributing the $2.5 million to this new effort.