Dallas police seek FBI's help investigating murders of three transgender women

The Dallas Police Department is seeking FBI assistance following the killings of three transgender women in the city since October.

“The Dallas Police Department has reached out to the FBI because as we know, this is the second individual who is transgender, who is deceased in our community,” Dallas Police Chief U. ReneĆ© Hall said at a press conference Monday.

“We are concerned, we are actively and aggressively investigating this case. And we have reached out to our federal partners to assist us in these efforts.”

Dallas police on Monday identified a dead body found over the weekend as Chynal Lindsey, 26, and are investigating the death as a homicide, according to the Washington Post.

The death of Muhlaysia Booker, 23, made national headlines in May after a video of her being stabbed went viral just a month prior.

Brittany White, 29, was fatally shot inside her car in southeast Dallas in October 2018, per the Post.

Six months later, an unnamed 26-year-old transgender woman was stabbed multiple times and left to die, but survived.

“These cases, though not directly related at this time, do have similarities the public needs to be made aware of,” Dallas Police Maj. Vincent Weddington told reporters on May 21, shortly after Booker's death.

Slayings have plagued the transgender community all across the country, with at least 29 such homicides in 2017 and at least 26 recorded last year, according to the Human Rights Campaign.