Amarillo Police Department releases results of 2019 Quality of Service Survey

On April 30th, the Amarillo Police Department began collecting data for the 2019 Quality of Service Survey. The survey was open to all of Amarillo until May 17th.

This annual survey is to assess the public's observation of the quality of service provided by the APD. The results will be compared to previous years surveys to see where APD has improved and where improvement is still needed.

“Project safe neighborhood, the new public safety partnership with the DOJ, we’re hoping to see some of these numbers go down some of the drug use the drug, drug sales and the violent crime that comes along with them,” said Public Information Officer for APD Corporal Jeb Hilton.

“We’ve had some domestic violence, homicides, some different things that were happening, where that was a big deal at that time for for most of the public, that’s what they were hearing about in the local media,” Hilton said. “So I think that was fresh. And that was something that everybody was very passionate about.”

The results of the survey can be found at

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