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Several children rescued from Mousetrap roller coaster at Wonderland Amusement Park

Tuesday morning, several area school children were rescued off the Mouse Trap roller coaster at Wonderland Amusement Park. Wonderland officials believe the coaster stopped midway through the track because of high winds and the temperature.

“It’s a gravity coaster, the wind was out of the west with a gust higher than normal. The high wind stopped the coaster on the tracks.

"Normally, with winds up to 30 mph, you don’t have that problem. We’ve had them slow down before but (the wind) never stopped it,” Paul Borchardt, owner of Wonderland Park, said.

Workers from Wonderland and Amarillo firefighters were able to remove most of the students from the ride using a bucket lift. After about 45 minutes, there were still four students in the coaster that park employees could not reach because of where the ride stopped on the tracks.

“We implemented a plan and the fire department assisted us with it,” Borchardt said. “I was glad that they came; we worked together and it worked real well.”

Officials decided the best course of action was to push the coaster forward with the remaining children inside. The coaster finished the trip down the tracks and all of the remaining children on board were safely removed.

The children were part of a larger group of students from several are schools enjoying an end of year party at Wonderland.

Wonderland officials said the roller coaster did what it was supposed to do by stopping when a possible safety issue was detected. The children weren't in any immediate danger because of where the coaster stopped on the tracks.

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