City of Amarillo hosting memorial dinner for Clara Grabber

Clara Grabber
Clara Grabber’s job with the City of Amarillo was not really a job. She considered her job as more of a calling.

Grabber, who died April 28 at the age of 62, worked for the City of Amarillo from October 2012 to her retirement on April 4, 2019. In a relatively short seven years, Grabber leaves behind a legacy with the city that will not be forgotten.

In honor of Grabber, her coworkers (or “friends” - as she called them) will honor that legacy with a memorial dinner at 5 p.m. today at the City of Amarillo Facilities Administration, 823 S. Johnson St.

Grabber’s coworkers/friends will present a donation (with funds they raised themselves) to Amarillo Animal Managment & Welfare (AAMW) in honor of Grabber.

Grabber worked in several different areas in the Custodial Department, including the Amarillo Emergency Communications Center, City Care Clinic, East Branch Library, Amarillo Police Department and AAMW. However, it was AAMW that captured Grabber’s heart.

“If you were to ask Clara about her coworkers, she would probably correct you. She would say ‘No, they are my friends,’” said City of Amarillo Director of Facilities and Capital Projects Jerry Danforth. “Clara also had a passion for animals, especially cats. Clara was moved to perform custodial duties at AAMW. She was extremely pleased because she could be near the animals she loved.”

“Employees like Clara have a unique ability to uplift the spirits and culture of an entire organization,” said City of Amarillo Assistant Facilities Manager Derick Spargo. “This sparked the inspiration to collect donations in memory of Clara for the care of the many animals housed at AAMW.”

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