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Amarillo Police Department asking public to take part in survey

Beginning Tuesday, April 30, the Amarillo Police Department will invite citizens of Amarillo to take part in the Department’s annual survey to assess the public’s observation of the quality of service provided by the Amarillo Police Department.  The survey will also gather public input in deciding how the Department will focus resources on future efforts to provide police service. 

This is the third annual survey of this type conducted by the Department.  Surveys such as these are considered “best practices” for law enforcement agencies.  The results of this survey will be compared to last year’s results to see where the APD has improved and where it needs to improve. 

The survey consists of twelve questions and takes about five minutes to complete.  Responses are completely confidential. You can give an email address to be contacted and there are also demographic questions which are optional.

The survey will be available on line from April 30th to May 17th at 5:00 PM.  You can find it on the Amarillo police website on the main page under Mission Statement and Core Values.

Amarillo residents can take part in the survey at:

If you would prefer to answer survey questions on a paper form rather than on-line, call the Amarillo Police Department’s Crime Analyst Unit at (806)378-5234 and request a paper copy of the survey.  A copy of the survey and a stamped return envelope will be mailed to you.  Or, you can pick up a copy of the survey and a postage paid envelope at the first floor window of the Amarillo Police Department, 200 SE 3rd Avenue, 79101.   

The APD will be accepting mailed responses postmarked through May 17th.   Results of the survey will be presented when it is completed. 

If citizens have any questions about the survey you can contact Jenifer Ramirez in the APD Crime analyst unit at (806)378-5234. 

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