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Texas Tech fans flip cars and burn property after Final Four victory

Texas Tech students celebrated their team's Final Four victory over Michigan State early on Sunday morning by flipping cars and burning property in Lubbock, Texas, according to reports. After multiple acts of vandalism, local police eventually used tear gas to break up the crowd.

After the Red Raiders' historic win and a spot in the National Championship, a large crowd took over the streets around the school's campus and climbed buildings and the top of telephone poles.

Some reportedly set fire to rental scooters and burned couches.

The city of Lubbock issued a statement shortly after midnight:

“After the Texas Tech Men’s Basketball team defeated Michigan State in a NCAA Championship Final Four game, hundreds of fans gathered on Broadway, near University. The crowd engaged in extremely dangerous, and disappointing, behavior including vandalizing property. We are proud, and excited, for Texas Tech, but behavior like this will not be tolerated. We want Red Raider fans to support the team and celebrate lawfully and responsibly. We are on the national stage so make Lubbock proud.”

Texas Tech University Statement regarding NCAA Final Four Win and celebrations:

"This is a historical achievement in the university’s history and a great source of pride for all Red Raiders. As we continue to celebrate, we must do so in a way that does not diminish this incredible moment. Texas Tech has the best fans in the country and we appreciate their enthusiastic support and ask that they celebrate with integrity, positive energy and respect."

The Lubbock Police Department is currently investigating several incidents of property damage on Broadway after the Texas Tech Men’s Basketball win over Michigan State Saturday night. Investigators will continue to gather information, photos and videos and work with the Lubbock Fire Marshal’s Office to pursue charges against those suspects.

Starting before the game, LPD had additional resources spread throughout the city in anticipation of large celebrations. At approximately 10 p.m., a large crowd of several thousand people began to gather in the Broadway area near Texas Tech.

LPD officers already on scene quickly contained the crowd to a one block area to allow them to continue to celebrate the win. During the celebration a small group of people began to damage property including flipping a car and setting several scooters on fire.

Due to the crowd’s rowdy nature, officers on standby moved in and ordered the crowd to disperse. Tear gas was eventually deployed to break up the crowd.

At approximately 1:45 a.m., the roads were cleared and reopened.

Despite several people being uncooperative, officers being taunted and hit by bottles, officers showed great restraint in dispersing the crowd and successfully containing several thousand people to a small isolated area.

While the main goal last night was to disperse the crowd, the focus has now shifted to the criminal investigations. Those engaged in violent behavior or destruction of property will face criminal charges to include criminal mischief, arson and riot. LPD is also working with Texas Tech officials to identify students potentially involved in the Saturday night crimes.

LPD and several other agencies such as Lubbock Fire Rescue, EMS, Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office, Department of Public Safety, and Texas Tech Police Department continue to prepare for Monday’s game and post celebrations. Community members should again expect road closures around the Texas Tech area.

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