Boutique hotel coming to Canyon's downtown square

Palace Coffee in Canyon
On Monday, Canyon city commissioners approved funding to refurbish the second floor of the Palace Coffee Company into a boutique hotel. The new hotel will be called the Palace Hotel on the Square.

“Our goal is ideally, to attract people here that come to Canyon for a weekend or whatever the case may be -- they stay here, they go to the canyon and they enjoy the attractions that we have.

“It’s an experience to stay, number one in a building that was built in 1906, but then also how it’s going to be restored-- it’s gonna be really nice and redeveloped,” CEDC executive director, Evelyn Ecker said.

Property owners estimate the project will cost around $1.2 million. The CEDC will contribute $320,000 of sales tax revenue towards the new hotel.

“It always makes me feel good when all people involved come together and we all have the same thought process and we all agree on how things should be done and what it takes to do it. It’s not just one person, its several entities that come together to make this happen, so its very exciting,” Ecker said.

Construction of the new hotel will begin this summer and will take up to a year to complete.

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