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Sod Poodles and Fairly Group join forces to help cover medical expenses for Cal Farley's kids

During the Sod Poodles' inaugural season, Amarillo-based Fairly Group has joined with Cal Farley's 80th-anniversary celebration in a unique way, by donating $800 per home run to help cover unexpected medical expenses for kids.

A dedicated healthcare account was funded two years ago at Cal Farley's with monies from Fairly Group and others to help cover needed medical services for Cal Farley kids. To-date, the account has helped over a dozen kids with multiple diagnostics, surgeries and therapies.

"Many of the kids who come to Cal Farley's do not have adequate insurance, particularly when covering expensive medical procedures," states Dan Adams, Cal Farley's CEO. "This campaign will help raise awareness, and generate much-needed support for the on-going medical needs of our kids."

The Sod Poodles will hit between 100 - 130 home runs each season, and Fairly Group is donating $800 per home run with a minimum donation of $80,000. Proceeds from this campaign will go directly to provide additional funds to the special medical account.

"We are extremely proud to team with the Fairly Group and Cal Farley's, using the game of baseball to benefit youth in our community," said Sod Poodles President and General Manager, Tony Ensor. "Our players and coaching staff love the idea that their efforts on the field while playing America's Pastime, will be used in such a positive way."

"For eight decades Cal Farley's has provided so much help to kids and we thought it would be a fun way to celebrate with them - and Sod Poodles fans - by hosting a campaign where fans can join us. We hope Sod Poodles fans will engage with our cause and donate to help support Cal Farley's kids," said Alex Fairly, CEO of the Fairly Group.

A website for fans to track home runs and donate themselves ( will be live on April 4th when the Sod Poodles begin hitting home runs in their inaugural season on the road against Corpus Christi.