Over $10.3 million allocated for neighborhood plans

City of Amarillo
North Heights, the Barrio, San Jacinto and Eastridge neighborhoods are the beneficiaries of more than $10.3 million in improvement projects led by the City of Amarillo, in partnership with Potter County.

Andrew Freeman, director of Planning & Development Services for the City of Amarillo, recently detailed to Amarillo City Council the Neighborhood Plans for North Heights (adopted January of 2017), the Barrio (adopted April of 2018) and San Jacinto (began March 12.) The anticipated start date for the planning process for Eastridge is 2020.

The Neighborhood Plans represent the most ambitious and progressive neighborhood renewal projects the City of Amarillo has undertaken in decades. The City of Amarillo has spent or allocated more than $10 million in these areas so far, with an additional $300,000 provided by Potter County.

The City of Amarillo and Potter County collaborated in 2016 to fund and support a Neighborhood Initiative to facilitate planning and community development in selected neighborhoods. The Neighborhood Plan Initiative was part of Proposition 1 (accounting for $2.6 million of the $10.3 million), which was approved by voters in November 2016.

Here are a few of the highlights of the Neighborhood Plans:

● North Heights: Sidewalk Projects for 12th Ave., 18th Ave. and 24th Ave. ($300,000)

● The Barrio: Barrio Mural – 10th St. underpass. ($75,000 for base coat and artist fees.)

● San Jacinto: Annual Pipebursting Project ($266,000)

● San Jacinto/North Heights/Eastridge: Street Projects in Northwest and Northeast Quadrants – sealcoating. ($2.4 million).

● North Heights: Warford Rehabilitation Project ($2.5 million) and Inn of Amarillo demolition ($780,000).
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