City of Amarillo utility bills delayed

City of Amarillo
Due to software changes in City of Amarillo Utility Billing Department, the mail distribution of utility bills for some customers has been delayed.

While this software change is being completed, late fees and/or penalties for utility bill payments for water, solid waste, sewer and drainage will not be assessed. In addition, services will not be discontinued for late or non-payment.

During this transition period, Utility Billing is experiencing an increase in call volumes.

There are several options for customers with questions/concerns regarding their utility bill:

● Provide the Utility Billing Department their name and address by emailing, and bills can be combined into a single bill next month.

● Make a payment by mail or in-person at Amarillo City Hall.

● Make a phone payment by calling (806) 576-1932.

●Go to the website to enroll in online payments and to view helpful information about the billing change.

City of Amarillo apologizes for any inconveniences associated with the completion of the software change.

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