City of Amarillo reminds people to buy local during Spring Break

Buy the Way – Keep It Local
Spring Break is underway in the Amarillo-area. And while this means a welcome respite from school or work for many, it also means spring is here for local businesses.

Amarillo-area stores are filled with spring clothes and swimsuits. Businesses across Amarillo are ready to help property owners keep their lawns lush and green with a variety of outdoor equipment.

Taking a road trip for Spring Break? It would be a good idea to check your vehicle’s oil in Amarillo before hitting the road.

This change in the seasons and related buying habits provides an opportunity to remind Amarillo residents of the importance of shopping local. Why is it important to buy goods and services in Amarillo?

Consider this: Because of more people buying their goods and services in Amarillo, City of Amarillo was recently able to re-fund 11 positions in the Amarillo Police Department and add six new police officer positions. In addition, the city was able to add five new positions in Amarillo Fire Department.

Sales tax increased two percent over the prior year for March 2019. This increase resulted in $546,000 more over the prior year. This increase helped fund the positions in APD and AFD – and will also help improve public safety.

Just before Thanksgiving 2017, City of Amarillo kicked off its “Buy the Way – Keep It Local” campaign. The campaign has increased public awareness of the importance of shopping in Amarillo. And the campaign is working.

Amarillo City Councilmember Elaine Hays recently announced plans to expand the BTW campaign, including encouraging Amarillo businesses to purchase their inventory locally.

The “Buy the Way – Keep It Local” campaign is producing results – and Amarillo benefits.
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