Amarillo Police Department releases racial profiling report

The Amarillo Police Department has completed its 2018 racial profiling report in compliance with Texas Code of Criminal Procedure 2.132.

This law established requirements that law enforcement agencies in Texas adopt a written policy that defines and prohibits officers from engaging in racial profiling, also called bias based profiling.  It also mandated officers’ training and education relating to this practice.

In addition, it required the establishment of a process by which individuals can file a complaint with the agency if the individual believes that a peace officer engaged in racial profiling or other biased based action.

The law requires that law enforcement agencies submit their report to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) and to the law enforcement agency’s governing body. The report has been submitted to TCOLE and to City Manager’s Office. This is part of the Agency’s continued effort to be transparent to the community.

More detailed information is provided in a narrative in the report discussing the data, documentation of efforts to enhance minority community outreach and recruiting, and Department General Orders that apply to bias based profiling.

To see the report, go to the Amarillo Police Department website.

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