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Alabama tornadoes kill over 20 people

At least 23 people were killed Sunday in one Alabama county as a dozen tornadoes ripped through the state and Georgia.

Two tornadoes tore through Lee County within an hour of each other on Sunday afternoon, according to CNN.

It was the deadliest day for tornadoes in Alabama since 2011.

Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones said that children are among the fatalities, adding that other people are being treated for “very serious injuries,” according to CNN.

Search and rescue operations are underway for additional casualties, he said, and will continue into the week.

"We've done everything we feel like we can do this evening,” Jones told local outlet WRBL News 3 on Sunday. “The area's just very, very hazardous to put anybody into at this point in time."

Jones said that the storms caused “massive damage” to homes in the area.

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey (R) issued a state of emergency last month after tornadoes and other severe weather hit the state, and extended the order after the storms on Sunday.

“Our hearts go out to those who lost their lives in the storms that hit Lee County today,” Ivey tweeted. "Praying for their families & everyone whose homes or businesses were affected.”

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