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AAMW waiving reclaim fees

Due to the recent historic wind event in Amarillo and the surrounding area, Amarillo Animal Management & Welfare will be waiving reclaim fees from March 19-23.

AAMW did not see a significant increase in stray animals as a result of the massive winds - with gusts reportedly as high as 80 miles-per-hour.

However, the city recognizes that animal owners may have other costs at this time, such as repairing or replacing fences.

AAMW will be waiving kennel fees, rabies voucher fees, vaccine fees and microchipping fees. Fees will not be waived for veterinary bills the animal may have incurred, and also will not apply to animals being held for quarantines or dangerous animal investigations.

While some reclaim fees are being waived, owners are encouraged to consider the Adoption Option in order to reclaim their animals. The Adoption Option includes spay or neuter, microchip and the rabies vaccine, with a cost of $55 for dogs and $45 for cats. Contact AAMW staff with any questions.

Animal owners are reminded to check fences and gates on at least a weekly basis to be proactive and address any potential issues. Carabiners or locks should be placed on every gate for animal safety.