City of Amarillo to end pick up of 'improperly placed' trash carts on March 4

Beginning March 4, City  of Amarillo Solid Waste Department will not pick up curbside carts that have been "improperly placed."

The City of Amarillo Public Works Department began a curbside cart collection program in January. Currently, the program consists of 6 percent of Amarillo’s residential solid waste customers, or around 2,400 homes.

The Solid Waste Department is picking up and emptying improperly-placed carts, but this policy will end March 4.

In addition, improperly-placed carts are being tagged, a process which includes written information for residents to properly place their carts for pick-up. Carts that have been improperly-placed will be photographed.

Information and a video on curbside carts placement is available at For more information contact the City of Amarillo Public Works Department at (806) 378-6000.

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