Amarillo City Council members to attend 'Panhandle Days' in Austin

Amarillo mayor Ginger Nelson
Every two years, elected officials and business/community leaders from across the Texas Panhandle (including Amarillo) travel to Austin for the “Panhandle Days” event, which provides an opportunity to meet with state lawmakers to discuss important and relevant issues impacting local communities.

For the current session of the Texas Legislature, “Panhandle Days” in Austin is scheduled for Feb. 18-19. In order for Amarillo to be represented in Austin, there will not be an Amarillo City Council meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 19.

Amarillo mayor Ginger Nelson and council members Freda Powell and Howard Smith will be at the State Capitol on behalf of Amarillo as part of the Texas Panhandle delegation.

Members of Amarillo City Council have been attending “Panhandle Days” in Austin for the past two decades.

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