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Diocese of Lubbock publishes names of priests accused of sexual abuse

The Diocese of Lubbock in an effort for transparency asked its diocesan attorney to engage the services of a retired law enforcement professional and a private attorney to review all clergy files for any credible allegations of abuse of minors.

"The Diocese of Lubbock extends an apology to all the victims of abuse, especially minors, for what you have suffered and for the way Church leadership has sometimes failed you in the past.

"Bishop Coerver, in his role as chief shepherd of the diocese, is committed to doing everything in his power so that the sexual abuse of minors never happens again," the Diocese of Lubbock said in a statement.

This list includes the names of priests or deacons against whom a credible allegation has been made since the Diocese of Lubbock was created on June 17, 1983.

Also, a priest or deacon’s name only appears on the list if the diocese possesses in its files evidence of a credible allegation.

A “credible allegation” is one that, after review of reasonably available, relevant information in consultation with the Diocesan Review Board or other professionals, there is reason to believe is true.

Prior to 1983, offenders who served in the area now the Diocese of Lubbock should be published on lists from the Diocese of Amarillo or the Diocese of San Angelo.

Currently, there is no pending litigation against the Diocese of Lubbock for any matter pertaining to the sexual abuse of a minor.

However, in spite of our best efforts, we realize there could be an omission.

Therefore, if you know of a minor who has been sexually abused by a member of the clergy, or by anyone working or volunteering on behalf of the diocese, please encourage the victim or the victim’s family to first, contact the civil authorities (your local police or sheriff’s department and call the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services at 1-800-252-5400).

Then, second, contact our Victim Assistance Coordinator, Oscar Reyes at (806) 543-9178.

Names of All Clergy with a Credible Allegation of Sexual Abuse of a Minor:


Name: Alphonse Boardway, OFM, cap
Assignments: Saint George, Haskell - 1987 to 1989;
 Saint Ann, Stamford - 1987 to 1989
Status: Removed from Ministry- 1989
Died - 1997

Name: Nelson Diaz
Assignments: Saint Elizabeth, Lubbock- 2001;
 Our Lady of Grace, Lubbock -2002;
 Saint Francis, Wolfforth - 2003 to 2011;
 San Ramon, Woodrow- 2003 to 2011
Status: Permanently Removed from Ministry - 2011

Name: Patrick Hoffman
Assignments: Sacred Heart, Plainview – 1983 to 1986
Status: Removed from Ministry – 1987
 Died – 2005

Name: Omar Quezada
Assignments: Our Lady of Grace, Lubbock - 2003 (Never served)
Status: Permanently Removed from Ministry - 2003

Name: Jesus Guerrero
Assignments: Our Lady of Grace, Lubbock- 1997 to 2003
 Suspended - 2003
 San Ramon, Woodrow - 2006 to 2007
Status: Permanently Removed from Ministry - 2008

The names of the following credibly accused, who served in the area of the Diocese of Lubbock prior to its creation in 1983, are listed on the Diocese of Amarillo web site.

Rodney Howell
Aiden McGuire, SAC
Terry Burke
J. Melton Silva
Alfredo Prado

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