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Sunray Volunteer Fire Department will stop making medical calls

Sunray Volunteer Fire Department
Due to a shortage of qualified personnel, the Sunray Volunteer Fire Department announced that it will no longer be making medical calls.

"We wanted to share some news that has developed concerning our department and the City of Sunray. Last night it was decided that due to the lack of qualified personnel to operate the EMS side of our department it will be shut down for the time being.

"What does that mean: we will no longer be running on medical calls that are dispatched within the City of Sunray.

"Medical coverage for Sunray will be handled by Moore County Hospital District ambulances and personnel. When you call 911 for a medical emergency, dispatch will page them to respond to the call. That does mean that there will be a slightly longer response time since they will be coming from Dumas.

"This does not mean that Sunray will never have an EMS service again. We are working closely with the city council of Sunray to see what steps we can take to be able to provide some type of emergency medical service for the great citizens of Sunray.

"The fire service side of the department will still operate the same. We will still respond to MVAs, gas leaks, fires, and various other calls pertaining to fire/rescue.

"We do realize the impact this can have on Sunray, and we apologize for any inconvenience that it may cause. As mentioned before, many people are working to see how we can provide a quality medical service to our citizens.

"Thank you for taking the time to read. We will continue to keep yall informed on any developments that arise," the SVFD said in a statement.

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