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Lubbock Police Department adds full-time mental health officers

The Lubbock Police Department announced that it has added two full-time mental health peace officers to the Crisis Intervention Team.

“There are a lot of people with a mental health condition and they usually come into contact with law enforcement for one reason or another.

"Law enforcement is trained to take people to jail. That’s not always the best reaction or solution for somebody with a mental health condition.

"Maybe they’re yelling at somebody because they’re seeing voices. You could take them to jail or maybe we could get them some help, so that way they’re not a long-term problem for the community and they get better themselves," said Dr. Andy Young, who coordinates the LPD’s Victim Services Unit.

The LPD's Kimberly Crain was assigned to the unit as one of the mental health peace officers.

“We get 1-10 calls a night referencing someone with a mental health issue. It’s not going to come out as a call that is specific to mental health.

"It might be a domestic disturbance or a check subject or a civil disturbance with a restaurant or a business or somethings like that, so you have to read the call sheet and look at it and decipher if its related to mental health or behavioral health," Crain said.

Currently, the Lubbock Police Department has 40 officers on patrol that are trained to deal with various mental health situations.

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