Dusty Green announces plans for Amarillo Sod Poodles trademark: Accuses team management of misleading public

Dusty Green
Texas Panhandle resident Dusty Green held a press conference on Thursday to address why he trademarked the "Amarillo Sod Poodles" name. Green also revealed the plans for his trademark.

Green said the 100% of the profits from his merchandise sales using the "Amarillo Sod Poodles" name would be donated to local charities.

"It's true that every single dollar of profit we generate through the sale of our Amarillo Sod Poodles shirts will go right back into our Panhandle community, in the form of donations to two area charitable organizations.

"One of them is the fledgling Donley County Community Fund, which is a relatively new fund designed to funnel much needed money into some of the county's most important and precious groups and resources," Green posted on Facebook.

Green stressed he wanted to turn the negativity surrounding the trademark issue into something positive.

“As long as we can and as long as we have the priority application for that trademark, we’re going to sell these t-shirts, hopefully raise a lot of money for charity and do a little good in the face of all this negativity.

“I’m not interested in holding up whatever it is they want to do from that point on. I think once we get this out of the way, let the baseball season start and let’s all just move on and hopefully work together toward building these bridges back, and building these relationships back and making baseball a really positive thing here in Amarillo," Green said.

Green explained that he felt that team management mislead the public about the naming of the team. Below are the highlights of Green's remarks concerning the naming of the baseball team:

The real outrage for me came after the press conference. When the other shoe in this whole weird, “where did this name come from” situation finally dropped.

That day, Ensor gave an interview to Lisa Carr from the Amarillo Globe News. And way down there in the article, Lisa writes, quote:

“The winner of the chosen name has not yet been disclosed. Tony Ensor, president and general manager of the Amarillo sod poodles said the winner’s name will be revealed in time. The winner will not only win bragging rights, but also merchandise and four season tickets for 2019.

“We’ve been in communication with the winner of the contest but they weren’t able to come out today,” he said."

And then the conversation evidently turned to where that name did, actually really come from. And this is important. From the article:

“Ensor said the winner submitted the name prairie dogs and team management put a ‘minor league baseball spin’ on that. “

A few days later he went on a podcast called “Friars on the Farm,” which is focused on happenings in the Padres minor league system, and went into a little more detail. If you want to look it up, it’s Friars on the Farm, episode 22, and at the 14:56 mark, Ensor says, quote:

“You know and the funny thing is is that during the call for entries, prairie dogs was what was suggested, but prairie dogs has been done before. That’s nothing new and one of the things that we really wanted for Amarillo was something unique. Something that had never been done before. As I call it, something authentically Amarillo.”

He goes on at length and in more detail. Give it a listen. And learn how the name sod poodles was evidently created in a conference room somewhere in front of a dozen or so people. 

So. Despite assurances on the record to at least two trusted, experienced local journalists that all five names – including sod poodles – came from the community, and not from the ball club and their marketing people. He is now saying that no – actually no one from the community submitted the name sod poodles, and yes, it is in fact a creation of the ball club and their marketing people.

A point driven home a few days later when Ensor accused me taking advantage of the team and the community. In his statement he said “Sod poodles is our brand and identity. We created it and the community brought it to life.”

Even worse is, they admitted they became sod poodles the moment they heard it in that room. They loved it and were sold on it. To the extent they took an actual local entry out of the contest, and replaced it with their own, and told us it came from within the community. Which of course destroys any credibility the whole “name the team” sweepstakes might have ever had, and certainly destroys any shred of credibility concerning the following two weeks of “online fan voting.”.

They’ve taken this horse out. Put in their own horse, that they want to win. And they control the race.

So it would appear that we have all been deliberately misled at best, or at worst, flat-out lied to. If you care to make a distinction between the two. And that is not right. Nor is the fact they are selling this to the world as authentic to Amarillo, which it is most definitely not. And despite what they are telling the media the rest of the world, there is still a very, very large part of the population here who are furious, embarrassed, and heartbroken over this whole thing.

And this is the respect we get in return?

In the face of all of that, the team evidently tossed out the community’s names, decided to “create” their own, inserted it into the contest as a finalist, tried to sell it to everyone as having come from this community – which we now know it did not. Tried to sell it to the world as authentic to Amarillo – which it is not. And now they are taking it upon themselves to try and sell their creation to everyone out there as some sort of new national identity for this city. Just so they can sell a whole bunch of merchandise.

And they are certainly free to run their business and make that money. But not at our expense. Not at the expense of our self respect. And certainly not in the absence of absolute openness and honesty with this community. A community that has worked so hard for them and invested so much in them.

The Amarillo Sod Poodles baseball team issued a one sentence response concerning Green's remarks.

“We are aware of the press conference that Mr. Green held tonight and we look forward to speaking with him in the near future," Sod Poodles general manager Tony Ensor said.

Green said he felt compelled to speak out and thanked those who are supporting him.

"Thanks so very much for listening last night, and my sincere apologies for going on and on and on like I tend to do. But I've been pretty worked up over this whole deal if you couldn't tell.

"I just really felt compelled to get all that out there. And now that it's out there I sure hope we can move forward together in a positive way.

"I very sincerely appreciate all the support, and I certainly understand all the hate. But I truly wish that we can do at least a little bit of good with this whole thing while we can.

"And yes, we're truly excited and looking forward to watching professional baseball in Amarillo once again. Opening day will be here before we know it!" Green posted on Facebook.

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