‘Coming Home’ program launched in an effort to help homeless in Amarillo

City of Amarillo
The City of Amarillo Community Development Department has started the “Coming Home” program – a program with the goal of helping the homeless in Amarillo.

The city, along with the Texas Tech Department of Psychiatry and local homeless advocates and service providers, is providing the “Coming Home” program to those who are chronically homeless and coping with medical and psychiatric needs.

The program will help provide housing for 25 individuals. The program is funded by Amarillo’s Public Housing Agency Housing Choice Voucher program.

Participants in the program:

1. Are assisted by two social workers, along with Dr. Amy Leigh Stark of the Texas Tech Department of Psychiatry.

2. Will be assisted in obtaining housing leases and will be visited in their homes a minimum of once a week.

3. Will receive help in obtaining services such as medical care and employment.

Potential participants in the program will be identified by various homeless service providers.

The program is benefitting from organizations such as Xcel Energy, which is sponsoring two program participants with household items such as beds, kitchen tables, etc. Rotary Club of Amarillo has also donated items.

“Coming Home” needs an additional 15 sponsorships to move individuals into housing.

“The cost of running the program is less than leaving people on the street, people who frequently end up in crisis services such as the emergency room, shelters, and jail - which are more costly then providing housing and support services,” said Juliana Kitten, City of Amarillo Director Of Community Development.