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Texas Tech, City of Lubbock announce launch of electric scooter service

Lime electric scooters
A new partnership between Texas Tech University’s Transportation and Parking Services, the City of Lubbock and Lime, the largest American smart mobility solution provider, is helping Lubbock’s scooter users get off on the right foot.

The three partners launched Lime-S, Lime’s new electric scooter on Wednesday (Nov. 7) at Memorial Circle on the Texas Tech campus. Representatives from each were on hand to demonstrate the scooters, offer rides and answer any questions.

“We are excited to bring Lime to the Texas Tech campus to meet the shared mobility needs of our campus for scooters,” said Eric Crouch, managing director for Transportation and Parking Services. “The deep experience, commitment to customer service and innovation that Lime brings to our campus will be a great benefit for our community. They also bring an unparalleled commitment to rider education and safety that is key to a successful program.”

“We’ve been working with Texas Tech University to ensure that Lime is a great partner for its student body and community and appreciate their support,” added Sam Sadle, Lime director of government relations and strategic development. “With the launch of Lime-S, we are providing affordable, space-efficient and environmentally friendly mobility options that many other college campuses currently have.”

Lime-S costs $1 to unlock and $0.15 for every 1 minute of riding, and riders are instructed to abide by scooter bicycle laws upon unlocking the scooter. All scooters are GPS- and 3G-enabled, making it simple for riders to find, unlock and pick up a nearby vehicle using a smartphone. When the ride is finished, riders simply end the ride in the Lime mobile app and responsibly park at a bike rack.

Riders can use promo code LimeRaider for $1 off their first three rides.

To make sure the scooters are parked responsibly, Lime collects them on a daily basis, charges them and redistributes them in approved areas so they are maintained and ready for riding every day. This also helps ensure scooters are placed upright and parked responsibly, do not block pedestrian right-of-way or obstruct any sidewalks or roadways.

“We welcome Lime-S to Lubbock and West Texas,” Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope said. “We are grateful for Lime and their willingness to work with us on this micro-mobility agreement. This agreement helps make another ‘great day in Lubbock, Texas.’”

As the industry’s first to push out instructional videos for scooter safety, bike safety and proper parking, Lime proactively educates riders and non-riders alike on how to safely ride and responsibly park their scooters and bikes.

For more information on Lime’s comprehensive education and safety initiative, read a blog post and pledge written by Toby Sun, CEO and co-founder of Lime.

For more on Lime’s electric scooters, watch this how-to video or visit the Lime-S page. For more information on Lime, here’s the media kit and list of cities and campuses that Lime serves.

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