City of Lubbock releases final draft of PlanLubbock 2040

PlanLubbock 2040
On Monday, October 1, the Lubbock City Council and City Staff hosted a news conference unveiling the final draft of PlanLubbock 2040. Efforts to update the city’s Comprehensive Plan, which dates back to 1986, have been underway since early 2017.

Cities adopt a comprehensive plan to capture the vision of the community, and provide clear direction and guidance about their growth and development. City Staff, decision-makers, and citizens utilize the document by implementing the objectives and tasks identified as being crucial to a community in achieving their vision.

The Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC), City Staff, and interested citizens joined forces to tackle issues including future land use, infrastructure, parks, economic development, and livability. Public involvement and input has been an essential part of the process.

AJ Fawver, AICP, Planning Director for the City of Lubbock, emphasized the importance of the plan. “Cities adopt a comprehensive plan to set the tone for the next twenty years. PlanLubbock 2040 identifies the policies, concepts, and tools that are critical to reaching our full potential as a community.”

The final draft is available at for review. Comments may be shared at the October 15 Open House, scheduled for 6:00 p.m. at the Civic Center’s Banquet Hall. Other ways of providing feedback include the City of Lubbock social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter @cityoflubbock, by email to, or by calling (806) 775-2108.

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