WTAMU lands among the top 25 colleges in three national rankings

By Brittany Castillo

West Texas A&M University has been widely known as an affordable institution, but increasingly, the University is developing greater prestige in addition to being affordable.

This month, BestColleges.com, CollegeAtlas.org and CollegeConsenus.com have named WTAMU as one of the best educational options in the country when obtaining a bachelor’s degree.

WTAMU ranked No. 9 as the 2018 Most Affordable Colleges and Universities by CollegeConsensus.com, an information resource that provides some of the most accurate and comprehensive grading of a school’s reputation and quality available anywhere. The ranking considered 100 institutions that were scored by their averages from various publisher and student consensuses.

At No. 15, WTAMU makes the list of the 2018 Most Affordable Accredited Online Colleges by CollegeAtlas.org, an information resource that relies on feedback from schools, education professionals and students for accuracy about institutions for more than 10 million consumers. The ranking is based on 17 different data points related to affordability, accessibility and academic quality of accredited options.

Lastly, WTAMU took the No. 22 spot for the 2018 Best Colleges in Texas by BestColleges.com, a partner of HigherEducation.com that provides students with information about institutions as well as host free college planning, financial aid and career resources. This ranking rated eligible institutions on a 100 point scale and assessed quality based on academic outcomes, affordability and the depth of online learning opportunities.

Among these credible sources, WTAMU ranks competitively in terms of academic performance, student experience and favorable cost of tuition. With a diverse selection of programs and helpful student to faculty ratio, it is an ideal time to connect with the many accolades in academia at WTAMU.