Why we try our best to bring you the latest news and information

By Dan Butcher

High Plains Pundit was launched in 2009. It has grown from a simple political blog to a 24/7 regional media outlet with over 10.5 million page views each month.

A lot of you know that my wife and I have self-funded High Plains Pundit from the start, with supplemental income from Google Adsense, Speaker, and BlogTalkRadio. Both of us are huge believers in what we are doing with our small media company.

High Plains Pundit drives conversation, serves as public record and covers the news happening in your own backyard. And while national news outlets can handle the big stuff, it’s never quite the same (or as good) as local coverage.

Quality news coverage is more insightful and helpful. It tells the story with the understanding of why it matters in that community and can give reference to events that may be similar or other moments in history. It becomes more than a source of record — it’s a key part of the story unfolding.

The scary part is that many local news outlets are downsizing, and with each downsizing comes even fewer resources to cover the same amount of space. What’s being lost? The stories that matter. The important positive work happening in the community. The little events that later become pivotal for fundraising or community building. I could go on for hours — without news media, we miss so, so much.

So what does regional journalism mean here?

It means covering the local government meetings to know what actions are occurring. Are they building a new facility with your tax dollars? Are they changing the millage rate or property values? Maybe they are trying to bring a new industry into town.

It means covering crime. Is there a burglar on the loose, or worse, a murderer? Are dangerous drivers putting your families at risk? What about petty crimes, are they affecting your neighborhood?

It means covering education. How are the schools preparing your children for life after high school? What changes are being made to where your child will go to school? Are they going above and beyond to ensure a quality education is given?

Events that occur in Austin and Washington are also worth knowing. How the official you elect votes on the issues matters as well.

When it comes to those events, understanding how a decision will affect the school system, the local hospital, universities and general well being is what the media needs to focus on.

We can't cover every story and do miss a few. However, we give 100% trying to serve our readers, listeners, and viewers.

Thanks for your continued support of High Plains Pundit.

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