Responsible Amarillo explains petition drive: Registering citizens to vote

Responsible Amarillo
On Saturday, Responsible Amarillo held a press conference at T-Anchor Flea Market to explain why the group has started a petition drive concerning six issues it believes should be brought to the citizens for a vote.

"We have six different petitions that we've put together trying to correct some of the mistakes that have happened at city hall," Responsible Amarillo co-chairman, Michael Green said.

The six propositions include:

1. Repeal Amarillo's ban on camping

2. Establish a no-kill animal shelter

3. Ban red light cameras

4. Ban paid parking on municipal property

5. Reopen the chipping sites

6. Force the City Council to hold meetings at 6 pm

Responsible Amarillo is seeking to collect 5 percent of the total registered voters of Amarillo on each ballot issue to allow voters their chance to decide these key municipal issues affecting them. Voters have 120 days to sign their name to the petition calling for an election on these serious issues.

The City of Amarillo may have already bowed to pressure from one of the petitions. On Wednesday, Amarillo Mayor Ginger Nelson announced that the city would be opening two brush chipping sites.

"The City Council has been working on the 2019 fiscal year budget since February. It's one of our primary duties. Our job is to listens to citizens, set policy for the city, and prioritize budget dollars.

"We listened to citizens and have budgeted to bring back two brush recycling sites (chipping sites).

"The city staff are currently working through the planning phases of these new sites. When they re-open, the plan is to make the wood chips available to the public, but the specifics have not yet been outlined.

"Detailed information will be released when the planning and logistics have been completed," Nelson posted on Facebook.

Green said that the organization has received a lot of support concerning the petitions.

"It has been fantastic. We've got an overwhelming support.

"I think we are gonna be well ahead of schedule and gonna get way more signatures than we need. And it looks like those same people are gonna be very excited to turn out in May for the vote," Green said.

Responsible Amarillo is also registering people to vote.

"This City Council has repeatedly ignored the will of the people and it is time to give those people an opportunity to represent themselves," Green previously stated in a press release from Responsible Amarillo said.

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