Former Senator Jon Kyl to replace John McCain

Prolonging the uncertainty over who will fill the late John McCain's U.S. Senate seat, the governor of Arizona announces the appointment of former Sen. Jon Kyl but said he has only committed to serve until the end of the year.

Arizona GOP Gov. Doug Ducey announced the selection via Twitter, while saying during a subsequent news conference that Arizonans needed a person who would be able to "hit the ground running."

"I am deeply grateful to Senator Kyl for agreeing to succeed his friend and colleague of so many years. Every single day that Jon Kyl represents #Arizona in the U.S. Senate is a day our state is well-served," he tweeted.

Kyl, 76, may be a short-term pick. He only committed Tuesday to fill the Senate seat until early next year out of a "sense of duty."

"I haven't been able to get that assurance from Kyl yet, what I have gotten is a commitment to serve Arizona through at least this session of Congress," Ducey told reporters, adding that he hoped that Kyl "serves longer."

Kyl told reporters he did not want to commit for a longer period because when he left his Senate seat previously he had no intention of returning.

"In that spirit I am certainly willing to serve through the end of this session," he said.

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