Amarillo City Council approves new funding agreement with Center City

Center City of Amarillo Executive Director Beth Duke
Center City of Amarillo, Inc and the City of Amarillo have announced a new agreement that will help the organization fund various projects in the downtown area. The Amarillo City Council approved the agreement with a 5-0 vote.

“What Center City does every day is work to make our city better.

“This year we helped develop the first new construction on Polk Street since the 1980s, plus we brought back fabulous historic buildings – the F.W. Woolworth building, the Levine’s building and the Firestone.

"You really see an overview of saving old buildings and how it enhances the overall look and feel of downtown," Center City of Amarillo Executive Director Beth Duke said.

Amarillo City Manager Jared Miller praised Duke and the efforts of Center City.

"Beth came with a very well assembled budget presentation this year. She was asking for $15,000 because she’s frugal, but her budget was showing a need for $21,650.

"So we worked with them to fund that need fully. It’s not because we’re super generous, but because it was a very sound case and she made a great presentation," Miller said.

Amarillo’s director of Planning and Development Services, Andrew Freeman summarized the new agreement.

“As far as the highlights of the agreement, it’s for $331,000 and broken up a couple of different areas.

"The City of Amarillo, through the general fund, will provide $181,000 for administrative costs and $70,000 for matching funds for the façade grant program.

"And then a few years ago, Center City made it part of their budget recommendation to include $150,000 for the streetscape portion to go toward those projects as well," Freeman said.

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