AISD board selects Robin Malone to fill vacant seat

Robin Malone
On Tuesday, the Amarillo Independent School District school board voted unanimously to appoint Robin Malone to the seat recently vacated by long time board member James Allen.

“We had four really outstanding candidates that made the final list. It was a difficult, difficult decision because, really, we wouldn’t go wrong.

"The choice we’re making is one that’s in the best interest of the district and the best interest of the community,” AISD school board member John Blanchard said.

Bowden Jones Jr., Claudia Stuart and Sherry Clark were the other finalists for the position.

Malone noted that she will bring a passion for education and critical thinking to her new role on the school board.

“I believe my passion for education - I’ve always been a champion for students, parents, educators and community members.

"In addition, I can bring my education and my experience. I am a product of AISD, I went away to become an attorney ... and I brought all of those skills back to Amarillo.

“My ultimate goal is to make sure that every student is represented, to make sure they have the resources that they need in order to be successful beyond high school.

“I’m going to have access to a wide variety of different experiences of the community. Based on what I’m provided, I can assist in making decisions for all students in AISD," Malone said.

Malone went on to note the importance of public education in the community.

“Public education is the bedrock of any community. It’s definitely something that we need to look into and we need to listen to our community members in earnest. We need to listen to all of the stakeholders.

"Based on that information, we need to come up with a plan, policies and procedures that are going to facilitate all students being successful in AISD. It’s important that, if any areas are disenfranchised, we need to look at those areas and see what we can do to ensure that those students are successful as well," Malone said.

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