USS Arizona artifact arrives at Texas Panhandle War Memorial

A very important piece of American history arrived in Amarillo on Saturday. A 800-lb rusted steel plate and piece of the wooden deck from the USS. Arizona will now call the Texas Panhandle War Memorial home.

"This is a very sacred thing. I was told by the Navy and by the historian at Pearl Harbor that this deck that we have, some men died on it in 1941. So it's very sacred.

"It's part of a cemetery, it's a national relic, and we're treating it as that. It's part of our honor of all the veterans and all the men who've given their life for this great nation," Randall County Judge, Ernie Houdashell said.

President of the Texas Panhandle War Memorial, Fred Rangel, said this artifact will play an important role in educating young people.

"It is history. This is what our purpose is over there is to teach these kids and let them come out and learn."

"Without the veterans and all of these that fought in those wars and made those sacrifices and even the ones that came back. You know, we're all proud of America or else we wouldn't have served with pride," Rangel said.

The Texas Panhandle War Memorial will hold a special ceremony on December 7 to officially unveil the new display.

"All the veterans and people who know the history are gonna like it. But as far as everybody. I think it will fit us very well. Very patriotic county.

"I think they're really gonna like it. It'll be with the Huey and the F100 up at the old annex," Houdashaell said.

The USS Arizona artifact was transported from Hawaii to California and then driven to Texas by UPS. All of the UPS drivers who took part in the transport of the artifact are veterans.

"We were immediately available to assist in that project. It was quite an honor to participate in bringing this national treasure to Amarillo," Community coordinator with UPS, Chris Davis said.

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